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Being a traveler is not a cheap dream to follow, so finding money saving travel tips to make it happen is kind of a necessity! Travelers are bombarded with information about gas price rising, the power of their local currency dropping and plane tickets that are absolutely merciless, especially if you want to change continents. But, they don’t need to panic! Every problem has one or more solutions!

Check out these money saving travel tips and make good use of them. They will help you see the world on a budget:

1. There are good days and bad days to buy plane tickets

Being spontaneous is a really cool thing to be, but not when it comes to plane tickets. There may be some last minute deals for plane tickets, when airlines can’t fill up their planes, but it’s wiser to not count on this and book your tickets about 2 months ahead of the date of flying, or better yet exactly 53 days before. Also, it would be great if you would buy your tickets on a Tuesday and leave on a Wednesday. It’s recommended to avoid booking plane tickets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t hesitate to follow airlines on social media, so you can take advantage of their offers, and do subscribe to their newsletters.

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2. Don’t avoid connecting flights

Not many of us are happy with changing planes to get to our destination, but sometimes this is the cheapest way you can get from point A to point B. If money is more important than time, opt for the connecting flights. Look at the good side of this: you get two airplane meals! Delicious!

3. Prefer return tickets

From our experience, most of the times it’s cheaper to book return plane tickets than one way tickets. We don’t know exactly why, but it’s a fact. If you want to get to your destination, but don’t actual need a return ticket, you can just decide to no show up when the nice lady is going to call for you. It seems weird, but it works!

4. Who wakes up early, gets the best rental car for the lowest price

The trick here is simple. If you want to rent a car, go and pick up your car early in the morning. Why? Most customers don’t return their rented cars early, so the rental car company will probably be out of low-priced cars. This means they will have to give the pricier car available for the same price. That’s really a neat trick!

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5. Do you need a car for a few hours? Choose car share!

If you only need to rent a car for a few hours, it’s more advantageous to opt for car share. For example, Zipcars is a platform that allows people to rent cars for only a few hours, from prices that start from $9/hour. For now the platform is available only in the U.S., and it comes with a one-time application fee of $25 and an annual fee of $50.

6. Drop your rented car where you picked it

It’s a known fact that dropping a rented car in a different location than the pickup location might cost even twice than the price of a standard rental, so it’s best to break the rental periods depending on your destinations. Instead of booking a car for a week from one place, and then dropping it in a different city or country, choose two rentals, one in each city or country. This might save you hundreds of dollars.

7. Always choose the low season to travel

This is one of those tips that can be repeated over and over again without annoying anyone because it’s so damn true! Everything is cheaper when you decide to visit Thailand and Dubai during their summer, or Paris and New York in spring. You will get to save a lot of money on plane tickets, hotels and restaurants, and enjoy shorter lines at museums and other tourist attractions.

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8. How about staying in the house of a nice, local family than at a chain hotel?

We think it’s a good deal for many reasons. One, you get to save money, because staying in a private room is cheaper than a hotel room. The virtual world has been invaded by websites that promote private room or home rentals, with AirBnB being the undisputed leader in the field. Take advantage of the internet! Moreover, staying with a local family, will give you the opportunity to learn much more about the place you’re visiting than from museums and tours.

9. Public transportation rules

If you visit big cities, it’s best to forget about car rental and head straight to the metro or bus station. All big cities have public transportation networks, and you can be sure that traveling by bus, metro or tram is going to be a lot cheaper than renting a car and paying for parking.

10. Every city comes with free museums

Sure, world famous museums will probably have an admission price, but each city has plenty of museums that you can visit for free. Also, many cities, Paris and New York included, offer free entrances once a month, whether we’re talking about the first Sunday of the month or the first Tuesday. There are also Museum Days once a year, when all museums are free to visit. So, you just need to do your research.

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11. Ready for your dream cruise? Book it early or late!

When it comes to booking cruises it’s best to either book them one year in advance or a few weeks before departure. This is when you’ll get the best prices! At an early point, the supply is high comparing with the demand, while later the company will try and fill up all their cabins. As you can see, you’re going to get the best deals!

We know the list with money saving travel tips is long, and we’re eager to know all about them. Please feel free to share them with the world, so everyone can be a traveler!

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